Tomb Of Mirza Essa Khan Tarkhan (The Younger), Thatta

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30 Apr

Tomb Of Mirza Essa Khan Tarkhan (The Younger), Thatta

Area: 0.768 acre

On the north of Mirza Baqi Baig’s tomb is situated the mausoleum of Isa Khan II’s Governor of Thatta under the Mughal emperor Shah Jehan between 1627 and 1644 A.D. He was the cousin of Mirza Ghazi and grand-son of Isa Khan – I the independent ruler of the lower Sindh. He died in 1644 A.D at the ripe age of 90 and buried in this mausoleum said to have been erected by him during his life time.

The mausoleum is a magnificent two storeyed building erected in the centre of a square courtyard enclosed by high stone walls. The central chamber containing the graves is crowned with a dome while the four sides have spacious varandahs supported by stone pillars, exquisitely carved with filigree design sand topped by honey-combed capitals. The entire mausoleum and its apartments are constructed in yellow and stone and both the inner and outer surfaces are carved with delicate tracery.

In the centre of the western enclosure wall is the Mehrab decorated with floral and geometric designs. At the north-east corner of the courtyard stands small enclosure which contains three graves on a raised platform. These are the graves of Isa Khan’s other female relations. The Persian inscriptions carved on the cenotaphs of the two graves give the date 6th Zil Hajj 1082 A.H (May 1672 A.D) and 15th Rajab 1080 A.H (January 1670 A.D) respectively.


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