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30 Apr

Shah Baharo Tomb, Larkana

The Mausoleum of Shah Baharo is said to have been erected to his memory by Ghulam Shah Kalhora in 1774 A.D Shah Baharo held a military Command under Nur Mohammad Kalhora and died in 1735 A.D. he is credited with having excavated several canals and built some forts. However, there was also a Bahar Shah Faqir who served Bur Mohammad and Ghulam Shah and he was alive in A.H. 1158, when he held and expedition against the Hindus of Kachh who had penetrated into Sindh. The Faqirs were adherents of the Kalhora Chief, and on several occasions, rendered him valuable military services.

A more serious study is required to identify Shah Baharo or Bahar Shah. The two Persian inscriptions fixed in the tomb have already been published in the Archaeological survey of western India Memo No’s, P-11. Throw much light on the history of the monument except the chronogram gives the date of its construction as A.H.1188.

The huge monument crowned with a segmental dome surmounted by a decoration lantern was raised upon a high platform. It was constructed with burnt bricks and was finished with “Pucca Qalai” or “Glazed choona plaster”. The lantern is a very unusual but pleasant feature which improves the look of the monument. It is octagonal in shape and over laid with enameled tiles.


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