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29 Apr

The most important monument of Rohri lies on one of the little hills that rise out of the River Bank. On south there is a level platform on which are many carved grave-stones like those of the Makli Hills at Thatta, with chain ornament and panels of Arabic quotations from the Holy Quran. The whole space between the graves in paved and flight of steps lead up to the platform from the southern side.

Enameled tile work is freely used on these tombs, most of which are dated 1018 to 1301 A.H. that is between 1609 and 1883 A.D. the principal grave is that of Mir Qasim one of the Sabzwari Syed dated 1018 A.D.

This is generally known as the hill of seven virgins from the building on south side called sathain which consist of a row of 2 shallow rooms, connected by a long passage cut partly out of the rock and ornamented externally with colored tiles.

These cells are said to have been occupied by seven virgins, who had taken a vow never to look upon the face of man.


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