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29 Apr

Nawab Ameer Khani Mosque

The mosque is said to have been built by Nawab Amir Khan a reputable Governor of Thatta during Shah Jehna’s period. It is a massive square brick structure surmounted by a dome in Persian style, at one time covered with white and light glazed tiles some of which can still be seen. This square structure single room measures 23’-3” one way on its exterior. The only door way exists in the centre of with unglazed cut and rubbed red bricks alternating with light blue filling in the joints providing a conspicuous note of colour. The mosque on its interior containing the most elaborate display of glazed tile work. Stylish floral patterns decorate the spandrels. Elsewhere decorative geometriacal designs on square tiles are displayed in a series of panels.


  • District:Thatta
  • Visit hours:24 Hours open
  • Departmental representative at site:Mr. Sarfaraz Jatoi (Conservator) Contact: +92-333-2750124
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