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29 Apr

Moomal Ji Mari, Mathelo, District Ghotki

Moomal Ji Mari is situated in Village Mathelo, 8 miles south west of Ghotki town in Sukkur District. Mathelo is an ancient village situated on a high mound covering an area of about 15 acres. On about 12 acres out of this area are built the houses and huts of villagers and the remaining 3 acres lying in south west corner of the village is un-occupied mound. This mound is believed to represent the Moomal Ji Mari (Multi-Storey building of Moomal). It stands about 50 feet high of the ground level and is almost vertical at ends. In the old cutting of the sides can been seen traces of old Hindu bricks. The pottery collected from the surface included both glazed and unglazed types but the latter type with a significant ration of stamped were dominated. The few glazed sherds represented no form and belong to crude type.


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