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29 Apr

Lakhmir Ji Mari, Deh Nang, Sehwan

The site is located at the southern part of Naing Village, at the foothills of the Bhit Rang, and on the left (western) bank of the Naing Nai.

The site is much eroded and its dimensions were difficult to ascertain.

The site of Lakhshmirji Mari at Naing has a two part layout: a conically-shaped hill and a lower town. The conically-shaped hill is approximately thirty meters in height with a forty degree slope of its sides. On the slopes on the hill are the remains of terraced walls which perhaps were fortifications. It is evident that the conically-shaped hill rests on a natural rock outcrop, but that its form had been shaped by the addition of earth. Below the hill, or buthi, are numerous remains of stone foundation wall, indicating rooms and houses.


  • District:Dadu
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