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29 Apr

Jamia Mosque Khudabad, Dadu

Khudabad is an old ruined fortified city between Sehwan and Dadu about seven miles south of the letter place. It was for some time the capital of Kalhoras before they finally settled down at Hyderabad.

In the midst of the ruins of the old town stands the great massive jamia Masjid. It has been lavishly adorned with enameled tiles. On either side of the entrance of the mosque is a beautiful panel which is a quite the best thing in tiles to be found in Sindh. Unlike the general run of design, which however floral the patterns are sis posed more or less in geometrical forms. It represents a tall and graceful plant lily order whose leaves, flowers and buds sprout from the central stem and fall over right and left in easy natural curves.

Its glazed tiles and fresco paintings were considerably damaged by the people before its protection by the Department of Archaeology.

The prayer chamber is divided into two equal compartments. The first or eastern compartment, a roofless one, is a small hall. This hall seems to have a low flat roof, providing an access to the gallery achieved at the squinch level of the domed western compartment. Massive piers supporting the elegant arches divide the western hall into three aisles, the central one larger in size than the flanking one. Each by a has an arched mehrab sunk in the western wall.


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