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29 Apr

Dabgir Mosque, Thatta

Area: 0.3 aces

Situated in the out-skirt of the city of Thatta this old brick mosque is also known as Amir Khusro Khan’s mosque after the name of its builder. Amir Khusro Khan Charkas was a descendant of Changez Khan and taken captive by Mirza Isa in his infancy. Subsequently he rose to eminence and became Incharge of Thatta.

He built many a buildings including mosque, tombs wells, bridges etc., etc., Dabgir mosque was also built by Amir Khusro in 1688 A.D.

The mosque measures 98 feetx48 feet and has three bays surmounted by one large and 2 small dome. It still contains some very fine colored tile work; and the Mehrab which is of stone covered with the most delicate tracery is a superb piece of work. Like many of the older buildings in Sindh, this one has suffered very much from the Kallar or salt in the soil, which when damp, rises through the porous brick work and crystallizing disintegrated the brick work as far up as it reaches.


  • District:Thatta
  • Visit hours:Opened 24 Hours
  • Departmental representative at site:Mr. Sarfaraz Jatoi (Conservator) Contact: +92-333-2750124
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