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30 Apr

Temple No. 01 Bhodesar, Tharparkar

Area : 0.2 Acres 

About half a furlong from the bigger temple stands this smaller one which is 27.5 feet wide at the front on the eastern side and 25.5 feet along the side walls on north and south. It stands within a three feet height compound wall of rubble masonry in local granite stones and has an entrance from east. The temple itself consist of a single corridor like long cell and an open courtyard enclosed only by 2 side walls on the north and south.
The two haunches on the north west and south west corners suggest that this was supposed to be the usual octagonal hall, which comes in front of the main chamber in Jain temple.
In the side walls of the courtyard are tow niches carved red sand stone projecting out from the surface of the wall. The main chamber which appears from outside to have three cells is actually only one long room with 3 compartments and is roofed with 3 corbelled low domes of which the central one has artificially been raised from the top very steeply. In this chamber there is a platform running longitudinally along the western wall for keeping idols. This chamber has thee entrances opening in the courtyard which the central one has red sandstone pilasters and carry images on sides and on top of the lintel. One of the central red sandstone beams on the inside has cracked and is supported on a stone column probably put there in near ____.



  • District:Hyderabad
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